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About TMA

Based close to Oxford, TMA offer bespoke skills courses for school leavers, graduates and those already in work.

TMATMA_Andrew_Langdale was built upon the experiences of its founder, Andrew Langdale. In his search for good managers over the last 30 years, Andrew found limited correlation between academic grades and performance at work. To see whether others had the same experience he spent a year interviewing business leaders in the UK and overseas, finding that when assessing individual potential, all of them rated essential / soft  skills more highly rather than academic grades.

This preoccupation with academic excellence means that too many young people end their education without a real appreciation of their workplace potential. Furthermore prospective employers often do not get exposure to the very people who could bring most to the running of businesses.

It was to address this mismatch that TMA was set up.  Our vision is to inspire new pathways into employment, to identify, train and help develop a new generation of young adults ready for the workplace.

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Our Training

TMA offer skills-based courses, with specialist trainers delivering the content, either in a classroom-based environment or online.
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